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Diving with Hammerhead Bali Bali is an excellent place for diving, <i>i.e. more than you can say about the beaches</i>. It's location between the Pacific and Indian ocean makes it attractive both for fish-life and scuba divers. On the east coast are opportunities for wall-, reef- as well as wreck dives. The islands Nusa Penida and Lembongan just east of Bali provides excellent diving for divers seeking pelagic species and strong currents.
I dived with Hammerheads Bali. The place is under direction of I Ketut Sania. The centre dives with a maximum of 3 persons per divemaster (Normally 2), which makes all dives very comfortable and safe. Divemaster Nyoman - "A.J.", did an excellent job. <i>Best recommendations, A.J!</i>
What to see under water? Everything! So much that you will hardly get to see everything on one trip. <i>It calls for a revisit in the future.</i>
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